Frequently Asked Questions

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Why Should I Choose ABT Safety Ltd?

ABT Safety Ltd provides a full range of specialist safety and access services. Our services are based on the Clients’ needs and will be delivered by a highly professional, qualified and experienced team. Our team are trustworthy, approachable and friendly, and always put the Client first! See more about ABT Safety Ltd on About Us

What Do You Charge for your Services?

Our costs are based on the Clients’ service requirements and therefore vary dependent on location, the type of service you require and the scale of the project. However, you can be assured that ABT Safety Ltd will provide their services at a competitive and fair price. Please feel free to contact us for a free […]

Does ABT Safety Ltd operate outside Scotland?

Yes. Our services and where we deliver them are designed to meet the needs of the Client. ABT Safety Ltd currently provides services to businesses and organisations all over the UK.

What Benefits will I receive from providing Disability Awareness Training?

There are many benefits for the Client and the Service User, by example:- Many instances of discrimination are unintended and are caused by a lack of understanding. It will help you to reduce or prevent discrimination against staff and customers by increasing the awareness of equality and disability issues; It will increase staff awareness and […]

Why Do I Need to Conduct an Access Audit?

The Equality Act Code of Practice states that the completion of an Access Audit by a ‘suitably qualified person’ will ‘help service providers’ to meet their obligations under the Act’. At ABT Safety Ltd, we believe that only National Register of Access Consultants (NRAC) Accredited Access Professionals fulfil the ‘suitably qualified’ criteria set out in […]

Why Use ABT Safety Ltd for your Access Audit?

The Equality Act 2010 recommends that access audits are carried out by ‘suitably qualified’ persons.  At ABT Safety we believe that our NRAC Accredited Consultants meet this criteria.  Our team also comes from an architectural background and have a unique understanding of building design and the wider built environment.  We also have Chartered Safety Consultants […]