Why Use ABT Safety Ltd for your Access Audit?

The Equality Act 2010 recommends that access audits are carried out by ‘suitably qualified’ persons.  At ABT Safety we believe that our NRAC Accredited Consultants meet this criteria.  Our team also comes from an architectural background and have a unique understanding of building design and the wider built environment.  We also have Chartered Safety Consultants who can provide recommendations on safety elements of the audit such as fire & emergency evacuation of disabled people.

Importantly, we talk to you BEFORE we do the audit so that we fully understand YOUR business needs. A building may have different uses at different times, for example, so it is critical that the audit not only assesses the building, but the people who use it too. We have completed Access Audits for varying clients with different business needs, so you also be assured that we have the knowledge and experience of multiple businesses and services.

We have many years of experience working directly with disabled people. This has given us a clear understanding of the different needs of disabled people. We consider the ‘journey’ of the disabled person when we do our audit, from beginning to end, thinking about the barriers and solutions along the way. So you will be provided with a comprehensive audit that will seek practical solutions that will make a real difference to the lives of disabled people.

Our audits are presented in a user friendly format using photographs to illustrate each issue with clearly defined and recommendations which are prioritised. All our recommendations will consider Reasonable Adjustment, with practical improvements at a reasonable cost.