National Access Survey Team

Partnership Working - Hard at work with the NAST

Some of our team members working with Access Panel members on the National Access Survey Team (NAST).

Defining the NAST – A team of Access Panel volunteers, including disabled people, who provide national audit services under contract, as well as providing audit services in their local communities.

Partnership Working – This team is managed by the Scottish Disability Equality Forum (SDEF), and was developed in partnership with ABT Safety Ltd.

What did ABT Safety Ltd do?
We provided support, training and advice to ensure the team is professional and consistent in their delivery. Working with SDEF and the National Inclusion Partnership we developed a method, process and templates for audit purposes. We continue to work with the team to deliver audit services and ensure continual development.

Evaluation and Feedback – Members have completed evaluations throughout the process which tells us that our contribution to the development of this team has been successful.